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  • xiao1236 xiao1236 innovation of the flooring companies flooring industry has faced an extraordinary period this year. Raw materials have risen. Although the floor industry has experienced price increases, the increase has not been significant. The entire flooring industry has entered a micro-profit era. Although the decoration season has arrived, the raw material problems faced by the flooring industry are still not met. Effective relief. In this special environment, how do the flooring companies turn around in order to achieve a curve? Overtake the eye-catching new products from consumers, no matter which industry sticks to conventions, it is impossible to achieve development, and ultimately escape the destiny of being eliminated. Only companies that continue to break through and have the courage to innovate will survive, and the flooring industry is no exception. If the flooring industry is to develop, it will require the continuous innovation of the flooring companies and the constant introduction of new ideas and new technologies. Such as: Hongnai constellation floor in the common hope of everyone on September 10 officially listed; Lianfeng Almighty King floor in this most special time, high-profile approaching the consumer's attention. Raw materials rose, profits were compressed The entire flooring industry has entered the era of micro-profits. This is both an fence panel surrounds polyisocyanurate plastic wood board silca grate pricing
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