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Ubisoft bits For Honor cosmetic removal plan

  • October 10, 2018 5:15 PM AEDT

    Yesterday, Ubisoft announced plans to produce a change to a large number of For Honor cosmetics that could see them removed from the in-For Honor game shop, and then brought back at a discount in a continuous rotation. The problem, as For Honor game manager Damien Kieken explained during a Twitch flow, is that the weekly content launch schedule means there's just too much stuff to correctly deal with. New players are confronted with"a mountain" of things to unlock,'' buy For Honor Steel Credits he said, and player feedback indicates that the quantity of cosmetics is"overwhelming"

    To give all this old crapola a proper send-off and provide everyone an opportunity to catch it while they could, Ubisoft put it all available for around half-off till July 19. But the response from players was suddenly negative, a lot of whom interpreted the shift as a short-term cash grab before the Q1 sales report coming later this season. As a result, Ubisoft has chosen to leave all the items as they were.

    "We want to apologize on how we communicated these potential changes. Over the past year, thanks to the Warrior's Den and your existence on the respective platforms, we assembled what we believe to be a strong relationship with you . Your feedback has been driving the manufacturing efforts such as the various features and improvements we've made," Ubisoft community programmer Eric Pope composed on Reddit.

    "Reading the various threads made us realize that we did not correctly explain what we wanted to do and why we were doing it. Even if we're not proceeding, we want to share the specific plan we had thoughts and these changes were going to be made."

    Pope emphasized the change was meant to address FH Steel Credits the"exponential curve of releasing each content on all personalities," and wasn't intended to put cosmetics out of reach or impede"participant saying." Only items that were at least eight months old could have been put into spinning, he explained, and when they had been returned to purchase it would have always been at a discount.

    "Reading the several threads made us understand that we did not correctly explain what we wanted to do and why we had been doing it," Pope wrote. "Even if we are not proceeding, we would like to share the exact strategy we'd thoughts and these changes were likely to be created."