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Services offered by facial plastic surgeons

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    February 26, 2018 2:57 PM AEDT

    Facial plastic surgery is growing in demand and complexity, with more people recognizing its benefits over time. Facial Plastic Surgery provide a number of cosmetic and constructive facial surgery services, all of which have different aims and complexity. Usually, the type of surgery applicable to one person will depend on their intentions, the specific area for the operation as well as the results that they intend to gain in the end. Facial surgery can be of a general facelift to adjust some unwanted features or be of a corrective nature to remedy some ailment or condition and some of the most common forms of facial surgery services are listed below.
    Nasal surgery is a surgical operation that is specifically targeted at the nose. This procedure aims at modifying the amount and shape of the cartilage or bones forming the ear, consequently cutting it done to size and altering its shape. Normally, individuals can undertake this process as part of a cosmetic facelift or do it to correct some underlying health problem. Ailing noses can inhibit free breathing and thus pose a health risk, calling in the intervention of nasal surgery.
    Facial plastic surgeons Thousand Oaks also offer eyelid surgery that aims at cutting down the excess fat and skin that hangs around the eyelid making them to look droopy. This procedure is also instrumental in eliminating wrinkles, bugs as well as pouches. This helps the eyelid shake off that appearance of being tired and worn out. Usually, the patients take less than a week to fully recover and the procedure is normally permanent for the lower lids and may last up to ten years for the upper lids.
    Facelift surgery on the other hand is a type of facial plastic surgery that aims at removing excess fat in the facial areas as well as tightening up the muscles of the neck. Facial Plastic Surgeon times goes up to two weeks, but many people are fully healed at the end of the tenth day. The process lasting for an average of eight years though it may wear off in five or ten years depending on the patient and their body response.
    Facial plastic surgeons Agoura Hills further provide forehead facelift that specifically targets the forehead to remove wrinkles and other lines as well as elevating brows and reducing the effect of lid drooping and providing a refreshed look. The recovery time for this operation is fourteen days and its effects do last for over ten years in most cases.
    Ear surgery aims at pining back the ears and cosmetically altering the shape and size of the ear cartilage. This operation normally takes one week to heal and the results last for a lifetime, thus it is a one-time undertaking that permanently changes the size and shape of the ear. Finally, facial reconstruction is a procedure offered by facial plastic surgeons San Fernando that aims at restoring the function and general appearance of the face. This procedure is complex and demanding in that it could be used to restore the look of the face after illnesses or accidents that affect the face

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    March 3, 2018 11:01 PM AEDT

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