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What do you think of the 3rd party client

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    January 17, 2018 6:38 PM AEDT

    A player has posted his question about Jagex’s attitude towards 3rd party client OSRS on the Q&A thread frequently for 14 weeks, but this question has been ignored over and over again. RuneScape gold And this arouses many players’ attention. What’s exactly the official attitude to this question? What do you think of the 3rd party client? Anyway, you will need to buy RS 2007 gold.Which question has been asked for 14 weeks?Until now, there are many OSRS players using 3rd party client, which is an old but hot issue all the time.


    And this time a player wants to get a clear answer about Jagex’s stance on 3rd party clients implementing features that fail in the official poll, which is submitted to the Q&A thread many times, but this question has never appeared all the time and he receives nothing but “try again next time”.Is the Jagex’s attitude vague to 3rd party client?Jagex has announced that there are not any authorized third party clients and urges players not to use them. they need the players to be aware of the risk of using them, which means your account is mostly likely to be banned for botting.


    But during the discussion, some players indicate that Jagex is very vague to this issue, and it seems like they will ignore them unless they cross an unwritten line somehow.In reality, many players are using them for various reasons, such as the unique features that official clients don’t have.


    And some players suggest that they can admit Osbuddy as the official client and cooperate with it. At the same time, they can ban all other 3rd party clients.Are you a user of 3rd party clients? What’s your opinion of that? Let’s just hope there is a good solution to this issue. In addition, don’t forget to buy RS gold.The mmogo Team Robert Whittaker RuneScape Fan - UFC Interim Middleweight Champion