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    December 1, 2017 7:45 AM AEDT

    audi Arabia Experts Company 
    It is normal to put furniture in our homes as if it will remain forever. We carefully arrange bedroom furniture, kitchen cabinets, air conditioners, washing machines and dishes. The time and effort required by the transfer, and the expected risk of furniture on the other hand, but all of this may apply to the usual methods of moving furniture or managing furniture alone, but it can end entirely with a specialized furniture transfer company. 
    The Kingdom Experts Company, a transport شركة تركيب اثاث ايكيا بالرياض, a company that has a distinctive mark of excellence in the field of transporting the dough, for its long experience and excellent service, through the following: 
    1 Company of experts Kingdom manages the transfer of Afashk from the ground up, all the transport required services (decomposition, cleaning, packaging, loading, unloading and installation). 
    2 The company provides the finest materials packaging and furniture to ensure the safety of movables and maintain whatever distance traveled. 
    3 The company has a full team of professionals specializing in dismantling and fitting furniture. 
    4 - Removes the transfer of cars in the transport of furnished and insured furniture. 
    5 The company uses state-of-the-art transport and lifting machines to overcome the problem of moving furniture to and from the upper floors. 
    6 Golden Seef is known for its low prices compared to other carriers. 
    Best Furniture Moving شركة تركيب ستائر بالرياض: Furniture Packaging Materials 
    The Kingdom Furniture Company is very interested in packing furniture in case of any risks that may cause damage, such as friction or collision, especially in the case of storage of furniture. 
    First: Furniture packaging accessories 
    The materials required for packaging furniture vary according to the type and size of each piece. شركة تركيب باركية بالرياضdepends on estimating the quantity of packing materials for packing your furniture to visit the representative of the company and preview it for the purposes to be transferred first and then estimate the appropriate packaging materials, which include the following types: 
    1 boxes of different sizes of carton, wood and plastic. 
    2 large plastic bags for the packaging of blankets, blankets and furnishings. 
    3 vacuum-filled packing bags, compression bags for reducing the size of clothes. 
    4 rolls, plastic packaging, for wooden furniture packaging and molding. 
    5 blankets transport furniture, to encapsulate upholstered furniture from benches and to prevent damage during transport. 
    6 Plastic rollers for packing glass, screens and sensitive parts. 
    7 ribbed polygon strips, to put between dishes, packing cups and cups. 
    Moving شركة تنظيف مكيفات بالرياض.... Overcoming the problem of moving furniture to the upper roles 
    One of the most difficult problems facing our customers in the transportation of furniture is the large size of furniture, the narrow entrances and stairs of houses, or the transfer of furniture to and from apartments in the upper floors, but we overcome all this using the latest lifting machines of electric and hydraulic winches have the ability to lift large weights Of furniture and for high distances up to 30 feet, a guarantee ensures the saving of time and effort and the preservation of movables and not damaged the entrances and the need to remove the doors. 
    Transport in Jeddah: furniture transport cars 
    The Kingdom Expert Company, شركة تركيب غرف نوم بالرياض, is keen to provide the appropriate vehicles for the transport of luggage in size. The company takes into account the fact that the cars are of the contender type to provide the maximum protection for cuffing during transport. The company also provides additional small cars to transport the baggage to large trucks, The streets around the house are narrow and the truck can not enter. 

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    December 12, 2017 3:48 AM AEDT

    The Kingdom Furniture Company is very interested in packing furniture in case of any risks that may cause damage, such as friction or collision, especially in the case of storage of furniture. , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,